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Accesories for breathing circuits

Accessories for biopharmaceutical

Adlut Breahing Tube

Anesthesia Bollows Latex Latex free

Bent-headed Urinary Tube

Brake Tube

Breathing Circuit

Breathing Hose

Cervical Dilation

Children Breathing Tube

Children Stomach Tube

Circular sealing ring

Clamp sealing gasket

Corrugated Pipe

Cruciate Flower Urinary Tube

CSPT Platinum Silicone Tube

Disposable Lacrimal Drainage Catheter

door sealing gasket

Drainage Tube

Fluorine rubber butyl rubber silicone rubber O ring

foam sponge strip

foam sponge strip1

high temperature resistant hot air sterilizer stripe

high temperature resistant hot air sterilizer stripe 2

high temperature resistant hot air sterilizer stripe 3

high temperature resistant hot air sterilizer stripe 4

inflateble sealing ring

inflateble sealing ring 3

inflateble sealing ring1

inflateble sealing ring4

Jackson Pratt Drainage Tube

Latex Breathing Bag

latex free breathing bag

Medical Silicone Rubber Blom Singor

Medical Silicone Tube

Nomal Urinary Tube

Nutrient Canal

O type sealing gasket

Obstacle cross section

Reinforced Silicone Tube

sealing gasket

sealing gasket 2

sealing stripe for motor door

sealing stripe for motor door2

sealing stripe for motor door3

section of sealing strip 1

section of sealing strip 2

section of sealing strip 3

section sealing stripe for motor door

Silicone Abdominal Cavity Drainage Tube

Silicone Bent-headed Foley

Silicone Bent-headed Urinary Catheter

Silicone Breathing bag

Silicone Cruciate Urinary Catheter

Silicone Flat Drainage Tube

Silicone Foley three way

Silicone Foley two way

Silicone Rubber Pericardium Drainage Tube

Silicone Rubber Pleural Drainage Tube

Silicone Rubber Thyroid Drainage Tube

Silicone Rubber Tube for Peristaltic Pump

Silicone Rubber Ventricular Drainage Tube

Silicone Sputum Suction Kit A

Silicone Sputum Suction Kit B

Silicone Sputum Suction Tube A

Silicone Sputum Suction Tube B

Silicone Sputum Suction Tube C

Silicone Stomach Tube with Guide Wire

Silicone Stomach Tube With Wire

Silicone Stomach tube with X-ray Opaque line

silicone sundries

silicone sundries1

silicone sundries2

silicone sundries3

silicone sundries4

silicone sundries5

silicone sundries6

silicone sundries7

silicone sundries8

Silicone Super Smooth Stomach tube

Silicone Three-way Drainage Tube

Silicone Three-way Stomach Tube

Silicone Three-way Urinary Catheter

silicone tube

silicone tube for peristaltic pump

Silicone Two-way Drainage Tube

Silicone Two-way Urinary Catheter

Silicone Urinary Catheter

Single Connector Stomach Tube

Sputum Suction Bag




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