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Silicone Flat Drainage Tube

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Product Description

Silicone Flat Drainage Tube

Product Features:

1.Imported medical silicone rubber adopted

2.It is soft, free of stimulation, end of the tube is processed roundly and smoothly to avoid harming the mucosa

3.Be good at biocompatibility, no specific changes when touching body tissues for long time, and prolonged use of indwelling is permitted

4.X—ray opaque line is easy to determine the accurate location of the tube inside the body

5.Design with multi holes and multi channels in flat shape can increase drainage area, and the inside rids can support the tube to make the drainage more smoothly

6.Wound drainage system (spring and bomb) and trocar are optional, and the stainless stell trocar is keen and sharp, which is convenient for puncture with small wound

7.Apply to drainage the intracavity and subcutenous hematocele and effusions after surgical operation or drainage the part in extensive wound or burn

Product Specification:

      Product Code





  Multi holes, multi channels

Silicone Flat Drainage TubeSilicone Flat Drainage Tube