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Wound Drainage System (bomb)

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Product Description

Wound Drainage System (bomb)

1.Imported medical silicone rubber adopted
2.The container is soft, has good elastic resilience, which can ensure the required negative pressure occurred during repeated operation
3.High temperature、high pressure resistant, reusable after sterilization
4.The plastic clip on the container can fasten it easily
5.Silicone drainage tube and stainless steel trocar are optional, the trocar is sharp and keen, which is convenient for puncture with small wound
6.Apply to drainage the hematocele and effusion after surgical operation in operation room or departments of emergency、general surgical、orthopedics、gynaecology、burns, etc, and to all the clinical departments which need Gastrointestinal decompression.


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L=900mm and L=1200mm drainage tube are available

(the specification and length of the tube and trocar are the same as celiac drainage tube)



Wound Drainage System (bomb)Wound Drainage System (bomb)